Artistic Dentistry offers comprehensive services: cleanings, fillings, root canals, crowns, bridges, veneers, teeth whitening, orthodontics, dental implants, periodontal care, and emergency dental services, all delivered with cutting-edge technology and a gentle, personalized approach.


Technology in the dental field is ever-changing, which is why Dr. Nimri and Dr. Saab enjoy learning how to integrate state-of-the-art equipment into their practice. Utilizing the latest advancements in dentistry allows Dr. Nimri or Dr. Saab to treat patients in fewer, pain-free visits. This means less time in the dental chair and a more comfortable experience from start to finish.

Dr. Nimri, Dr. Saab, and their experienced team spend many hours each year training and taking advanced courses to safely provide patients with the best possible care. Employing the latest technology means consistent results, so you’ll know what to expect at each visit. You’ll find that modern dental care from Artistic Dentistry in Houston, TX, will leave you smiling.

At Artistic Dentistry, you’ll discover dental care at its highest level, including technology, advanced training, and compassionate service blended perfectly together.

Intra-Oral Camera

Intra-oral imaging provides a detailed view of the mouth in pictures and videos. Words come to life so you can see what we see.

Visualizing problem areas on a computer screen provides clarity and detail impossible with a traditional mouth mirror. Specialized hand-held wands quickly capture details of your teeth and gums. Even tiny cracks that lead to broken teeth appear vividly with the click of a button. We can explain the need for treatment more clearly by showing you what we see in greater detail.

As an added benefit, dental insurance typically covers a significant portion of treatment with visual proof of a captured image in our records.

ConeBeam 3D X-Rays

We’re excited to offer the most advanced imaging process in dentistry, ConeBeam CT scanning, also known as 3D imaging. This technology lets us see virtually unlimited views of your teeth, face, and neck in just one scan. We can obtain high-quality, detailed information to diagnose and plan your treatment needs. We can evaluate your teeth and facial structures from every angle in 3D and color! Routine X-rays, on the other hand, produce a single flat image with limited information.

ConeBeam is a digital X-ray scanner that rotates once around your head while you stand or sit in a chair. The process is quick, simple, and completely painless. The scans are as precise as conventional CT (CAT) but require far less radiation. The applications in dentistry are limitless. These scans allow us to provide the best treatment in dental implants, root canals, dental and facial pain diagnosis, and more.

Regardless of your needs, 3D imaging makes it possible to plan and customize your care like never before. You can have absolute confidence and satisfaction in the treatment you receive, knowing we’ve analyzed every problem with our 3D technology.

Digital X-Ray

Digital sensors capture detailed X-ray images with a fraction of the exposure found in traditional film X-rays.

Technological advancements in X-ray technology provide multiple benefits, from safety to improved treatment results.


Safety — Traditional dental films require minimal radiation for image development. Fortunately, our digital X-ray system provides unsurpassed safety and up to 90% reduction compared to older film-based systems.

Save Time — Images are captured instantly with a digital sensor, lessening time spent in the dental chair.

Better Outcomes — Improved image clarity increases Dr Nimri’s ability to diagnose and treat conditions. Software tools bring detailed magnification and detection tools into focus.

Soft Tissue Laser

Laser technology continues to transform many procedures in healthcare. Once the subject of fictional movies, lasers now provide advances for mainstream treatment in medicine and dentistry. Shorter procedures, less discomfort, and quicker healing are some of the many benefits of modern lasers.

Soft tissues of the mouth cover about 30 square inches of surface area. Some lumps and bumps may need removal, and any unusual tissue patches require further microscopic analysis. Traditionally, a surgical procedure involving incisions and sutures would be required to produce a biopsy sample. Today, a pen-shaped wand lets doctors remove suspicious or bothersome bumps within minutes. The healing stimulated by laser energy results in rapid healing, minor discomfort, and no need for stitches.

Gums can be quickly reshaped without bleeding, and gum infections are now treated, delivering rapid results. Even cold sores or mouth ulcers can undergo faster healing with laser energy. Better yet, pain associated with these recurring ulcers can be dramatically decreased. Lasers are safe for children, can improve growth and development issues, and even help wisdom teeth move into place.

A soft tissue laser offers a valuable benefit to many commonly treated conditions in the mouth. Our doctors’ specific training in laser protocols opens up numerous possibilities when using one of modern dentistry’s most versatile tools.

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Our comprehensive services include cosmetic procedures, clear aligners, wisdom teeth removal, and dental implants, fully equipping us to assist you.


Our comprehensive services include cosmetic procedures, clear aligners, wisdom teeth removal, and dental implants, fully equipping us to assist you.


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